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How Are We Different Than Other Upholstery Cleaners?

It has seen that the cleaning services greatly claim and hail to attract the customers that they can handle the cleaning of any kind of article which is made-up of upholstery like leather and other expensive material.

Here, they get failed and disappoint their customers because upholstery cleaning is something like highly professional job in which only experienced and well-trained upholstery cleaners can satisfy their clients who have some industry experience in upholstery cleaning.

And our competitors assume that they can clean upholstery, as they may expert in it while cleaning other home décor articles. So these kinds of silly mistakes make become responsible to fade the beauty of our furniture upholstery, as the stains of wines and other eatable items start appearing broadly on the upholstery.

And here, we again commit a serious mistake, as we try to remove these spots by using cloth detergents and bleaching powder to save few dollars and let our highly expensive furniture suffer the dull beauty. It is a human nature that we happily spend a big amount on luxury items but for their maintenance we always try to save the money which is not feasible.

So if you do not want to be partial with your expensive furniture and its upholstery and want that they should be with you for a long time then never compromise with their care and maintenance.

And always go for a professional upholstery cleaning service to enhance their beauty. For that KaramG is a well-known trusted name in British Columbia and basically in Abbotsford for any kind of upholstery cleaning services.

Following Are The Steps We Follow During Professional Upholstery Cleaning:

Nonetheless, the luxury vehicles like cars, vans and buses are also upholstered with leather and fabric material and demand a professional care for their cleaning. And for that KaramG cleaning services provide the care for your car upholstery cleaning.

But when we explain ourselves and about our cleaning service history then you may feel the difference that why KaramG cleaning services are known as professional upholstery cleaning service.

When you give us the responsibility to make your furniture upholstery clean and healthy, we first move away the furniture from the walls of your house and bring it to a wider place in your house so that each corner of your furniture could be inspected. Here, the same we do for vehicle upholstery.

Our second step is to find the piece of papers normally people hide under the cushions and the pillows of the chair and sofas etc., as these papers are quite important we keep under the cushions by assuming that they will be safe there. We collect all the papers etc. and keep them into an envelope. And after the job completion we handover the envelope to the owner.

After making the cleanable areas of the upholstery clear, we inspect the damages and make a note of it furniture-wise. For example, we note down the smoke damages, wine marks, water damages, food marks, chemical spots etc.

Then our fourth step is to read the cleaning codes attached to the bottom of your furniture upholstery in which all the cleaning instructions are clearly given which helps us to know that what kind of detergent and cleaning device this upholstery could bear.

At firth step our upholstery grooming process takes place by vacuuming each corner of the upholstery by using ultra-modern vacuum cleaners which do not make noise and suck each micro particle of the dust. After vacuuming, our professional cleaners use industry recommended shampoos and the organic detergents which claim to vanish each stain and spot from the upholstery surface. At this step we also repair the smoke damages appear on the surface.

When our cleaners feel satisfaction that every stain and spot is evaporate and then we sanitize and deodorize the upholstery by using professional sanitizers and deodorizers. Finally the drying step takes place and by using high-tech dryers we make your furniture upholstery dry completely and place all the furniture articles at their desired place carefully.

KaramG cleaners follow the above steps very carefully without affecting the upholstery and the environment to make your upholstery rejuvenated with a new look. Therefore, if you love your furniture then give it best care so that you could keep it with you for a long time and for that our best cleaners are always there and wait for your call to show their magic in upholstery cleaning.


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