How KaramG Cleaning Services Make Your Home/Office Sewage System Clear?

Are You Aware of Sewage Issues?

Therefore to get rid of these kinds of common sewage problems, you need to call professional sewage cleaners because they have dedicated tools and high-tech machines, hydraulic jets etc., which quickly make the drainage system work smoothly and also remove the sludge by using recommended chemicals.

For that, KaramG cleaning services are always there to make your water flow and drainage systems flow run smoothly, as we are a popular name among the sewage cleaning services in Abbotsford, BC.

Whenever, customer calls us and explain, they are suffering from bad odor as well as muddy water, coming out of their kitchen and bathroom sinks during bath and other household jobs.

According to the conversation, we understand, there will be a blockage of water due to mud/waste congestion into the kitchen/bathroom drainage system.

Then, we prepare ourselves accordingly and carry all the tools and machines into our multi-utility van and approach our customer’s house to flush the junk away from the blockage point to clear the drainage system.

Therefore if you are suffering from sewage issues or drain blockage or toilet lockage, then don’t let the mud and sewage waste enter into your room and affect the carpets and floor. We work for 24*7 work emergency services for sewage problems.

So do not hesitate to call us because your single call will make you able to get rid of the awkward situation of toilet and drain blockage.

Carpet Cleaning and Rug Cleaning in Abbotsford BC


First of all our expert sewage cleaners inspect the pipelines and reach to the point at which the blockage is occurred. For that we have high-tech sensors which immediately sense the area affected areas of the sewage systems.

After sensing the affected area, we clear the place by moving the household objects and also remove the carpets and rugs carefully so that we could make a place to fix the issue. 

After clearing the surface, our experts first use the hydraulic hose to flush the mud with high pressure jet system and open all the gutter holes inside the house so that the obstacle with resist the water to flow in the drainage system could be caught and the water flow could be passed smoothly.

If anything with remain stuck into the drainage system and unable to get flushed out by jetting pressure, then our expert sewage cleaners use smart techniques, which they learnt from the management during training sessions, in which they use steel wires along with hinges and try to catch the blocked waste material easily.

Once the whole garbage found from the drainage system, get cleared, then we thoroughly put jet pressure of water into the sewage system of the house or office so that if anything extra except for the waste water, will be present there into the drainage system, it will get flushed automatically.

By following above steps we clear the drainage system professionally. Here, the same steps are followed for the blockage of the toilet system because we make the things simple and quickly done so we work differently than others.

After the all steps get followed, we wash the affected carpets and the rugs and make them clean and dry hygienically by using organic products and high-tech machines. And then we place those carpets onto the desired floors from where they were peeled-off.

Our work style is not to make the things tough just to show that the cleaners are putting hard efforts. We make our clients relaxed by saying that the given problem is quite simple for us and we will resolve all the issues whether they look impossible to get done for our clients. This is the reason, KaramG cleaning services are different than the other sewage cleaners in BC.

We care for your time and put our best efforts for your satisfaction. This is the reason KaramG cleaning services are at top among the other cleaning services in BC

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