Carpets and Rugs are the most valuable home décor articles at your home, as they enhance the beauty of your home and also give your feet a soothing comfort. These comfy and oriental articles are quite vulnerable as they are made-up of silk mixed cotton fabric and these fabrics are quite sensitive which needs professional cleaning.

As we use carpets and rugs everywhere in our home and daily walk on them and our pets, sometimes make them dirty and the soil particles and the pet waste get stuck into their soft hairy fiber. This results in unpleasant smell and the mud spots appear on your carpet which affects its beauty and quality.

This resultant also affects the home environment due to bad smell which causes infection and allergy diseases. Therefore, you need a professional care to maintain the quality and the beauty of your home décor articles and call carpet cleaning professionals.

  • Inspection of carpets and rugs, Deep Vacuuming, Spot & Dirt Removing and Gentle Drying.
Curtain-Cleaning-Abbotsford-BC CURTAINS & SHADES CLEANING


As Carpets and rugs play a role to enhance the beauty of the floor, the curtains and the shades work for windows and create magic with their beautiful designs and fabric matched with the wall color. In Canada, people prefer to live in the villas and big houses and each bed room of these houses become fully furnished with the addition of curtains and the shades which give a sexy look to the windows.

Here, some rooms are furnished with curtains and some with the use of designer shades. When a family start living into these beautiful houses, it is obvious that curtains and shades attract dust and the fiber which is used in the manufacturing is quite sensitive and vulnerable, as most of the time silk and pure wool and a special kind of fiber is used in their manufacturing.

Both of these articles come under the home décor category and need some special care while cleaning or to remove the spots etc. Because if you use local detergent and plain water to remove the spots or to clean these curtains and shades, it is for sure that you are gonna to spoil with your own hands.

  • We first of all note down the cleaning instructions before start cleaning.


It is obvious that the home furniture act as an ornament for a house or villa, as jewelry act for a woman. Without furniture the home looks like an abandoned place. As we know that the home and office furniture is made-up of various kinds of materials in which wood, leather and fabric material is widely used to give it an impressive look.

Everyone knows that the wood is only used to give furniture a basic structure but the whole magic is created by the upholstery used for its complete outlook.

For example, sofas, chairs, beds etc. are upholstered with various kinds of durable leather and fabric materials which enhances the beauty of your furniture. Here, we spend a lot on our furniture so that our house could become like heaven. And it is for sure that while sitting on sofa and bed etc.

We, normally carry our eatable and sometime, by mistake the glass of juice, wine or shakes etc. get spill over the sofa or the bed and sometimes on the dining chair, which is again upholstered with an expensive material.



Sewage problems are very common problems found in every residential as well as commercial place, as you can see where there is some population occur these problems will definitely occur there. In sewage problems, mostly drain issues, sewage pipeline issues, water and sewage leakage issues occur in kitchens and the bathrooms and also at the washing waste collection point. When the drain pipe get filled with the mud and the waste of kitchens and bathrooms, a very awkward situation get occurred in the house or in the office and a bad smell disturb the whole environment. And the same

Here, one more issue occur in the sewage system, when the sludge come along with the water, get lodged into the taps and the water pipes. Due to this activity, the water pressure get disturbed and slightly the sludge starts covering more area inside and outside of the tap and water pipes.

This unpleasant activity get occurred due to the addition of chemicals and the minerals into the water like chlorine, potassium, which results in sludge. Sometimes it is visible, as we can normally see this into the boiler pipes, a white mud kind of material is deposited into the tip of the tap and the water pipes, which restrict the water to come out of the tap.


When we talk about bathroom cleaning, it is something that kind of job which we perform on regular or we can say daily basis. As this is the place which is used many times in a day and it except regular cleaning which is normally done by the user or the family member of the house.

But sometimes some cleaning tasks need professional hands and if we perform those tasks on self-basis, then we make the things tougher. And these professional hands of KaramG cleaning services are always ready to serve for your bathroom cleaning and kitchen cleaning.

For example, we use bathroom for taking bath and also use the wash basin for mouth and tooth cleaning on regular basis. So here, we normally ignore to clean the bathroom tiles, wash basin sink, kitchen sinks and the burners of the kitchens, as we feel laziness to clean these bathroom accessories, which in results, tough stains on the tiles get occurred.

The same problem occurred for the wash basin and its drainage system. The only cause of these problems is the ignorance of cleaning immediately after taking bath and washing mouth.



According to KaramG cleaning services, the professional window cleaners in Abbotsford, BC, windows and the doors are the main beauty icons for a house or any kind of commercial place like shopping mall, restaurant, or any office etc. As we know that windows are mainly made-up of glass as well as wood.

But as we look around us, mostly the commercial places are covered with wider glasses in the form of doors and windows and the whole building look like a glass palace. This kind of glass is mostly made-up of silica or silicon dioxide along with some chemicals to make it colored.

Here some coated films are used to make it colorful and to reduce its transparency. And when it needs cleaning, only industry recommended chemicals and special kind of scrubbers and wipers are used so that the coated film and the color could be safe.

Otherwise when we use local chemicals and floor or kitchen cleaning wipers to clean our glass door and windows, at first point the colored film get affected which become a cause to replace the whole glass of the window or the door. So it is better if we go for professional window cleaning, as they have all the high-tech equipment like lifts, cranes to cover the extra height of the multi-story buildings etc.

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