Carpet Cleaning and Rug Cleaning in Abbotsford BC

How We Make Your Carpet and Rugs Clean Professionally?

Here, if you will try to make these sensitive home décor articles, wash by using local detergents at home, these sensitive articles may lose their beauty and will never give you comfort.

The color and the quality of these home beauty articles will also be affected with self-cleaning efforts which in results, will force you to garbage your carpets and rugs.

But here at KaramG cleaning services, your beautiful carpets and rugs will never lose their beauty and will always be look like new and healthy.

Because we pamper your carpets and rugs through professional care to rejuvenate them so that you could have soothing fragrance and full comfort from your carpets etc.

KaramG cleaning service is one of the leading carpet and rug cleaning service providers in Abbotsford, as we also come at front among the top cleaning services in British Columbia. We work as a team of highly experienced and professional cleaners who never lose any battle of escaping germs and spots out of your carpets and rugs.

We believe in providing quality services, this is the reason our clients always call us and recommend us to get any kind of carpet and rug cleaning services.

After the completion of all the above mentioned tasks we fix the carpets and the rugs according to the places for which they are designed. And let our customers move freely on the hygienically washed spotless carpets.

Our primary focus is to satisfy our customers with the best cleaning services, we provide. After that we make our customers smile by charging lowest price for our services.

Following Are The Way We Follow To Make You Satisfied With Our Best Services:

Inspection of carpets and rugs:

The very first task we perform is the inspection of your carpets. It is the important part we never ignore while approaching our client. In this task, we thoroughly inspect the quality and the damaged areas of carpets and the rugs and mark those areas to apply deep cleaning force professionally. During inspection, we note down the cleaning instructions mentioned on the care tag attached to the carpets etc. Carpet and rugs are made-up of very delicate materials so it is very important to follow those instructions, the manufacturer mention on the care tag. Here, we also keep in mind the washing detergents that what kind of detergent will be suitable for the cleanable article according to the fabric material. After a complete analysis and audit, we move towards the second step which is vacuuming.

Deep Vacuuming:

After a complete inspection, we move towards the next level by taking professional vacuum cleaners which industry recommended and never damage the carpet hair while removing dust etc. Normally, we use low power vacuum cleaners at home and expect that they will suck each dust particle from the carpet and rugs but it does not work appropriately. Because the vacuum cleaners we use for domestic use, just clean the tips of the carpet fabric and if we put pressure on the nozzle of the vacuum cleaners for deep cleaning then they damage the fabric hair. But KaramG cleaners carry high-tech vacuum cleaners which work noiselessly and attack the dust to clean the tip and the surface of the carpet fabric, which results in deep cleaning of the carpet.

Spot & Dirt Removing

When we finish the vacuuming, then the next important task we perform is zero spot. The deep vacuuming clear us the surfaces which are affected by spots and pet wastes. So here, we wash those surface by using mild detergents and organic products which do not any kinds of infections to occur on the carpets. The washing detergents we use are made-up of mild chemicals and are recommended by the fabric industries for the safety of carpet fabrics. During washing, we use soft brushes and ultra-modern cleaning machines which rub the surface gently to remove the spots. While we wash the carpets the surrounding environment becomes aromatic due to sweet odor of the detergents we use, as these detergents also perform as an antibacterial function.  

Gentle Drying

When the washing task get completed, then our professional team give your carpet one more special treatment to make it dry gently. While drying we different kinds of machines to suck the water and to dry the surfaces carefully so that the carpet could be able to breath with smile. Here, we wipe the water very carefully so that no corner could be left wet and make the carpet and rug dry quickly. Normally, the drying process take 4-5 hours but our machines reduces this duration make your carpet able to shine your home and to give you a soothing effect with sweet fragrance.

Therefore, do not worry about the dirt and pet stains on your carpets, as we will make them quickly washed and new to make your home shine along with your beautiful carpets and rugs.

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